Polaris Point Horses provides riding tours and sleigh rides for small groups. Riding tours are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. 

Age limit for horseback riding is 12 years.
Weight limit for riding a Finnhorse is ~100 kg.
Sleigh rides are available for all guests. 

To ensure best possible riding experience for all riders we have categorized our activities based on their difficulty. We kindly ask you to read through the description of levels before choosing your activity. If you have questions or any trouble choosing the perfect experience, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help you pick the trail most suitable for your riding experience.

Polaris Point Sleigh rides are available for everyone. Six adults sit comfortably on our one horse open sleigh. Sleigh ride is a great choice for families with small children or people with disadvantages.

Private horseback riding or sleigh ride tours with your own group are available on request.


EASY LEVEL – Ride the Arctic Trail

Suitable for everyone. Previous riding experience is not required.
Weigh limit is 100 kg.
For 1-4 riders

This ride is relaxing and quiet, we take the trail to the woods to breathe in the clean air and admire the nature. There’s no rush or traffic, just the hooves of the horses stepping on trail in a tranquil rhythm.

MODERATE LEVEL – Ride the Wild Trail

Requires some physical condition and good balance. Previous riding experience is not required.
For 1-4 riders

On this ride we choose more challenging trails and horses might speed up to trot. We will wander off the known trail to explore new routes through the wilderness as we look for signs of wildlife.

ADVANCED LEVEL – Ride the Hidden Trail 

Only for experienced riders, who can control their horses in walk, trot and canter/gallop. Previous riding experience is required.
For 1-4 riders

This ride will take us on hidden trails on a faster pace. We will gallop through the forest and ascent to hills, where the scenery to the wilderness will take our breath away.


Suitable for everyone – no age or weigh limitations.
For 1-6 people

A great way to spent some time with family and friends! Hop on the one horse open sleigh, try the reins yourself and feel the strenght of a Finnish horse. Warm up by the fire and enjoy delicious snacks before heading back home.

ARCTIC EXPLORERS – private tours

Gather Your own group and become the Arctic Explorer! Choose your trail and begin your adventure on a horseback riding tour for 1-4 participants or a sleigh ride for 1-6 participants.