Arctic spirit

When your heart has found a home in the wilderness of Lapland, there is nowhere else you would rather be. 

At Polaris Point Horses we admire and appreciate the northern nature around us and respect it with our everyday choices. We are extremely fortunate to live in the arctic, and celebrate the eight magnificent seasons of Lapland. 

Horses and other animals at our farm are part of the family, and their well-being is our priority. We love to see our horses live a happy life in their own herd.

finnhorses resting at Polaris Point Horses

Our story

Maria, owner and trail guide:
Polaris Point Horses is a life-long dream turned into reality. Horses and riding have always played a huge part in my life and I was fortunate enough to turn my passion into an occupation. As a riding instructor I’ve worked with riders of all levels, but it was only after I started leading the trail rides when I realized what I desired to do. Trail riding in the woods is a perfect way to combine love for horses and nature.  It is an outdoor adventure and brings people together, since anyone can participate. If riding in the wilderness of Lapland makes someone fall in love with nature and horses, I consider it a great success!

Our Finnish horses are part of the family. We encourage them to express their individual personalities and characteristics. All horses live together in a herd and are free to roam the 3 hectare land day and night with an option to go indoors when ever they feel like it. ”Off duty” they can socialize and play as they please. This way they are able to express their natural behavior and instincts and feel safe, satisfied and happy. 

Polaris Point Horses is a family owned business and our priorities are same as yours – for you to enjoy your holiday, have a great time with your friends and family and make new friends on the way. Whether you are looking for an adventure, a shared experience with your travelling companion, some peace and quiet, or a chance to keep up your hobby as a rider You are most welcome to Polaris Point Horses.